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Best Charity Webinars

As a charity whose purpose is to encourage and promote digital fundraising we believe that webinars are not only a great way to explain a charity’s core purpose but also of unlocking new audiences.

With live events curtailed, never has the charity sector been more reliant on recommendation and word of mouth, making webinars the perfect platform to give your charity a voice.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the ten best charity webinars to check in with for your charities’ individual requirements:

1.For charities looking to boost fundraising:

Charity news platform Charity Digital is a great resource for keeping up to date with the sector. They also host webinars focussed around how digital is a great resource for fundraising and how to make the most out of it. 

2. For charities looking to at legacy fundraising:

The Institute of Fundraising hosts webinars that focus on fundraising, successful case studies and planning ahead. Recent episodes look at legacy fundraising and an introduction to social media.

3. For charities looking for support with the impact of Covid-19:

Charities Aid Foundation has a really relevant Covid-19 webinar section packed full of information on recovering as a charity from the impact of Coronavirus. Ordinarily their webinars discuss building relationships and how social media can encourage donations.

4. For charities exploring investment:

Charity news site Charity Times’ has a charity trustee investment training webinar on their website which looks mainly at leadership and investment, offering charities inspiration from a new perspective.

5. For charities looking to build trust:

The Foundation for Social Improvement hosts short and long form webinars with upcoming episodes looking at community fundraising, fundraising from trusts and developing corporate relationships.

6. For charities looking to kickstart volunteering safely:

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations champions the voluntary sector and has deep connections with charities as a result. NCVO webinars coming up look at the legal and practical solutions side of returning to work post-lockdown.

7. For charities looking to train staff and volunteers:

The Charity Learning Consortium offers advice and support for charities in training staff and volunteers. Upcoming webinars look at the benefits of e-learning and getting started with virtual training, both perfect for lockdown.

8. For charities looking for information on sustainable investment:

Charity news outlet Civil Society has been hosting regular webinars over the past few months looking at managing investments, and has an upcoming episode focussed around sustainable investment strategies. 

9. For charities looking at social media as a donation driver:

The Good Exchange is a not-for-profit platform that connects donors and charitable projects to work together strategically and collaboratively. Recent webinars include social media for beginners and using WhatsApp to drive donations. 

10. For charities looking for financial support:

Social Enterprise offers social enterprises and charities information on social investment. They work to enable organisations to make informed decisions on their needs. Recent webinars have looked at financial support during the pandemic and information on new funding schemes.