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Charity Jobs this July – A focus on fundraising in Churches

As lockdown begins to lift and churches reopen their doors to their loyal congregations, many parishes are looking for safe ways to fundraise to make up for lost income during Lockdown.


SMS text fundraising is a great place to start as donors can quickly and easily make donations to their local church through their phones. Not only does this avoid the handling of cash but also avoids the time and cost when setting up contactless donation points. SMS text codes are unique and personalised so they can be as memorable as ALLSAINTS or NEWPEWS. These can be advertised in newsletters and around the church itself for round the clock donations.


Moreover, with the ability to create separate fundraising campaigns and associated text keywords, donors can direct parishioners to specific causes. 


Regular donations and Gift Aid can also be set up. All donations are taken from the user’s mobile phone bill.

Simon Wiles, Head of South East Region at the Churches Conservation Trust, notes that “We have 350 churches using DONATE’s SMS text fundraising platform. Not only have we seen our donations increase but there is no need to either secure or collect from donation boxes with our churches.”


For more tips and tricks on SMS text fundraising see our article here and then sign up for free with DONATE here: