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Charity text raffles raise over £28,000 during the festive period

As Christmas lockdowns continued, Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) up and down the country took to text raffles to raise much needed funds. With parents not allowed into school, the PTA’s turned to DONATE™ to provide a virtual raffle. 

Schools like The Friary School PFTA in Staffordshire saw parents text their £5 text raffle entries, raising a total of £1,175. These vital funds then allowed the association to “continue to provide extra support for the school with resources and events to directly impact the children’s learning experience.”

Lottie Hearn, Assistant Headteacher at The Friary School PTFA continued, saying:  “We started to use text raffles to support the school during lockdown and have been amazed by the support we’ve received from the school community. The £1,175 raised will go a long way towards helping to support the school at this tough time.”

In 2020, digital fundraising platforms such as DONATE™ saw 62 text raffles run by 53 schools, raising a total of £28,567. Previously schools relied on cash funds for enrichment activities and vital equipment such as sports and technology.  Through digital fundraising, text raffles have become an increasingly attractive alternative for many PTA’s to fundraise where traditional festive fundraising has been put on hold. And, with text raffles allowing participation from anywhere in the UK, relatives and supporters who have moved away from the area can easily participate by sending a one word text to the service.

Text raffles are easy to set up and run, with donors texting their personalised code to a five digit number. Raffle tickets can vary from £1 to £30 but research from DONATE™ shows that £5 maximises participation and funds raised. Winners are selected at random and contacted by phone or text.

The schools promoted their raffles through promotion across social media, emails and newsletters. Local commercial firms, who offered prizes, also promoted the raffles whilst benefiting from the additional exposure. Some schools also promoted their raffles through their virtual events and ran simultaneous campaigns alongside, boosting overall funds raised. 

Similarly, Abbey Road School HSA in Nottingham raised £1,222 over the festive period, providing excellent support and resources for the childrens’ education.

As traditional fundraising events continue to be on hold, text raffles have become an essential part of fundraising for charities and charitable organisations, like PTA’s. Many more PTAs are expected to continue to look to digital fundraising platforms in the next few months as schools remain closed, bringing the school community together to support schools. Going forward, it is expected that schools will continue to use digital fundraising in order to raise more funds, cut down on admin and reach more audiences. 

Whether it’s to fundraise for more laptops to support learning from home, or to buy sports equipment for when schools are back, with text raffles, the possibilities are endless.

For more information, DONATE™ has a case study page with more PTA success stories. For further inspiration and to get started email

DONATE has also recently set up a free private network for all fundraisers to share successes, connect and network with other fundraising professionals from across the sector. Join the CAFE (Covid Affected Fundraising Events) group here.