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Five ideas for PTA fundraisers this February

Parent Teacher Associations (PTA’s) up and down the country are fundraising to support their schools through these difficult times, however for many it’s becoming more difficult to come up with new and innovative ideas to keep fundraising going. 

Whether it’s an online concert or a virtual bake-off, here’s our top ideas to keep fundraising going, all from home.

  • Hold an Unwanted Christmas Gifts Auction

Auctions are a brilliant way to fundraise, and don’t have to stop just because they can’t be hosted in person. Take to online streaming with your auction, where families can give their unwanted Christmas gifts away to the highest bidder, with all proceeds going towards school supplies to aid the school community. Or this can be done virtually, with an online auction hosted on platforms like DONATE™. When hosted online, you can raise the profile of the auction by emailing parents with the list of items on offer with links to the bidding pages where the school community can bid for the lots online. The winners of each lot will be notified of their win via email or text. All bid proceeds go to the school.

  • Hold a Virtual Talent Show

Even from home, children still have all of their wonderful talents that they are keen to show off. Perhaps you could bring the year groups together, taking to an online stream for a talent show, selling family tickets at £5 via a text donation through DONATE™ can support the school in providing supplies and equipment to help students through virtual lessons. It’s easier for busy parents to text a number or hit a button on the website rather than bank transfer to the PTA treasurer. 

  • An Online Concert with the Music Department

The show must go on, and hosting an online concert is a great way to bring the school together. Make the music department your focus with a series of concerts across different musical genres. At just £3 per ticket, reigniting the community spirit from home has never been so easy. Again the £3 can be donated online using DONATE™ which means that it’s really easy to buy tickets. A keyword can be used for the text donation such as your school name. 

  • Friday Raffle for all the Family!

Friday nights can still feel like Friday nights with a text raffle hosted by the PTA. Have a much-loved staff member host the event, with bidders bidding for prizes that are suited to all ages. 

Text raffles over the festive period raised over £28,000 for PTA’s at a time where many would be down on income due to previous cancelled events, like discos and summer fetes. For more information and to host a text raffle of your own, visit:

  • Great Home Bake Off over half-term

Spread the love this February with a Great Home Bake Off competition. Encourage families to come together and bake a masterpiece, sending a picture in to the PTA for the winner to be announced over a live stream. Charge £3 per photo entry with proceeds raising funds for extracurricular activities during the pandemic using DONATE™ text giving.

  • PTA quiz night

We know quiz nights work well in the school community, and lately they have been used a lot virtually… so why not encourage the school community to use your school’s DONATE™ unique code to donate £5 for a cause that will help your school during the pandemic? Once they’ve donated, they can receive the link to join a virtual quiz room, bringing together communities and raising funds at the same time. 

As remote learning continues, PTA’s can make the most of this time to plan innovative fundraisers that lift spirits and support the school community. Congratulations to all those who are innovating with their fundraising and we look forward to helping new PTAs as they look to raise funds. 

You can get in touch with our fundraising supporter team at