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Fundraising ideas for the Bank Holiday weekend

With all of us changing fundraising plans to adapt to the current climate, we look to the Bank Holiday for fundraising inspiration.

Here’s fifteen fundraising ideas for the Bank Holiday weekend:

1. Host an online coffee morning – Get everyone together with an online coffee morning to have a chat. Participants donate the cost of their morning coffee using a simple SMS number and keyword.

2. Virtual challenges – Could you host a virtual cycle race where you participants are challenged with the task of cycling 3 miles every day for three weeks and are sponsored for doing so?

3. Spare some time – Can you reach out for help with the admin tasks so you can focus your time on fundraising?

4. Shopping – Encourage the community to use Amazon Smile and donate to charity whilst you shop! They’ll feel like you’re helping out even when stocking up on the essentials.

5. Spring clean – With more time on our hands and as we all continue to bag up things for the charity shop, could your donors sell their spare things online and donate the amount made?

6. Shave it – What better time to shave your head for charity than during lockdown? Offer sponsorship and see how far you can go. Don’t forget to post your new look on Instagram!

7. Quiz nights – Host a virtual quiz night on Zoom and have each team donate £5 to charity for entry. Winner donates £50 to the chosen charity.

8. Birthdays – For all those celebrating a birthday during lockdown, why not ask for donations to charity instead of gifts this year?

9. Cook-off – Get your cook on and challenge your supporters to a cook off with the loser donating the cost of their meal. 

10. Commute – Could those who were commuting to work and are still working from home donate the cost of their daily fare?

11. Local music – Do you know of a local band that could release a charity single with funds going to your cause?

Photo by Gavin Whitner

12. Share skills – Could you encourage donors to come together and virtually share their skills? Perhaps you could have a virtual french class with what would’ve been the hall rental cost going to charity?

13. Gaming – With more time on our hands, could you host a tournament and donate for every match won?

14. Knit-off! – Get the older generation involved in a knit-off and watch that creativity flow. You could even theme it for later in the year and sell them at your Christmas fete or online.

15. Reach out to a local hotel/cafe – See if you can auction off an afternoon tea voucher to be used once things pick back up. That way you’re supporting both your local charity and the local community!

With the cancellation of charitable events affecting charities, we hope these top tips will help you to be imaginative and welcome in the new world of fundraising. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.