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Top tips to keep your kids entertained during lockdown

Running out of ideas to keep your kids entertained during lockdown – and now the Easter holidays too?! 

If you’re involved with your school’s PTA then maybe you could suggest some ideas for parents to keep children busy and some may also double up as fundraisers; DONATE, the UK’s charity fundraising platform provides easy routes to fundraising via text and web.

Here’s 20 ways to keep them (and you) sane:

1.Get cooking – Re-visit the old cookbooks for some low ingredient recipes. Perhaps you could add your own family twist? Or maybe create some new recipes?  The results could be sent to the PTA for a photo-montage board on the group’s Facebook page. 

2. Hold a mini Olympics – Get the kids moving with a set of mini challenges, from skipping to the long jump. You could challenge the children with the fastest time or longest jump or most skips. 

3. Colouring – Find some lovely colouring in patterns online and take some time out to perfect them.  Or you could send them a customised picture to colour in and this could be made into a commemorative ‘Lockdown Tea towel’ for a small price. Try for ideas. 

4. If you can head out into the garden to find signs of Spring – Take some time to explore the garden and all that lives in it!  Maybe create a photography challenge to keep them interested. Each week they have to photograph something new; a flower, a mini-beast, a bird etc.  

5. Learn something new – You could provide parents with quiz questions for children to keep them on their toes. You could even use an online video calling platform, such as Zoom or Houseparty to create competitions. 

6. Create your own happy newspaper – Focus on the good out there and create your own newspaper full of good news.  Try Twinkl for free to download templates.

7. Get cycling – Get those legs moving with a quick trip out whilst everywhere is quiet.

8. Pick up a new language – Take the time to learn the basics of a new language. Try Duolingo

9. Houseparty – Find the app that works for you and unite your kids with their friends. They’ll thank you for it!

10. Audiobooks – Why not put a bit of Harry Potter on over breakfast! Audible are giving away free children and young adults books during the lockdown. 

11. Board games – What better time to get that competitive spirit going than with a board games evening.

12. Join in online – Whether it’s Joe Wicks PE or an online book club, join in with the online community.

13. Get crafting – Now is the time to get seriously arty with some old newspapers and magazines and create some beautiful collages.  These could be a lovely memory from the time we were all stuck at home!

14. Experiment with science – Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda makes for some quick fun – just make sure you do it in the kitchen! Try Science Fun. 

15. Brain puzzles – Test your skills vs the kids with the Science Museum’s brain teasers.

16. Learn about the world – National Geographic has opened up their resource library for young minds to learn all about how the world and how it works.

17. Pick up a new hobby – Could you transform your unused items into completely new ones? 

18. Go on a virtual tour – The Guardian has compiled a list of the world’s best museums and art galleries. Check it out!

19. Get writing – Cambridge University’s Creative Writing Centre are giving away some of their top tips from published authors. 

20. Have an indoors Treasure hunt – Who needs the great outdoors when you’ve got an airing cupboard.

And relax – Rome wasn’t built in a day, seize the opportunity to be around your family and be in the moment!

To set up any quick fundraisers check out the DONATE website and keep all your PTA’s hard work going during the lockdown period. Alternatively, raise some funds at this time for the Intensive Care Society which our hard working NHS intensive care doctors and nurses rely on.